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Kids Night Out

Kids Night Out, SK through grade 5, is on summer break! Watch here for upcoming events!.



TOEJAM, our Jr. High program for Grades 6 to 9, is on summer break. Keep watching for events and starting date for the fall. TOEJAM Discipleship Class, meets every second Sunday. Youth get an opportunity to learn and experience God’s love in a dynamic enviroment. TOEJAM is a great place for youth to belong and have fun.



Bancroft Pentecostal believes in its calling to make disciples of people from all nations. We support a number of missionaries from inside and outside Canada.

Bancroft Pentecostal has a mission and passion to serve and reach out in the love of Jesus to our surrounding community. We do this through a variety of projects and programs both supporting local Ministries and running programs such as after-school programs, youth service projects, and nursing and care home ministry.